Whoa ImageMagick!

Holy whoa this is cool: by using ImageMagick’s command line interface, you can combine images using terminal commands like:

convert +append a.png b.jpg c.tif

This is super cool if you don’t feel like fussing a ton with Preview.app, or worse, launching Photoshop, etc., OR if you need to convert to a different image type (note the different extensions, above).

I used it today becaue I had a few screenshots I wanted to combine and markup for posting in an pull request. Instead of having to do all that manually, I did this:

convert +append form1.png form2.png form3.png form-all.png

…and then marked up the new image (which was form-all.png) by just by hitting spacebar in Finder and using Markup.

Easy Peasy!

I learned about ImageMagick by Googling combine three images preview mac osx which led me to StackExchange).

I installed it with brew install imagemagick; this led to an error message (Permission denied @ dir_s_mkdir - /usr/local/Frameworks), which was resolved by Googling the Error message, which took me here.

Just a small glimpse into the way that anything involving web dev is time consuming. 😀

Happy combining!

28/5/2019 · errors · command line · quick tutorial · tools

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