Accessiblity Notes

One thing that I believe in strongly: accessibility needs to be part of any project from the start, not just afterwards.

Today I ran some Deque axe tests on the day one stuff I posted the other day, and it turns out I already caught some issues:

screenshot showing grey on pink that had the wrong contrast

So today, those issues were the first things I worked on! Anything else could wait.

That said, once I did all that, I decided I wanted to quit having the full content of each post show up on the homepage. Even this early in the game, that bugged me. I’m working on adding a new variable called teaser” where I can pull out a single line, add it to the front matter, and use that to represent the post. But it’s getting late and I have other stuff I want to do, so…tomorrow!

progress pic for today:

screenshot of my linked website from 07/01/24

And hey, the new deploy!

1/7/2024 · learning · coding · accessibility · a11y

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